Press Release Regarding The Peace Agreement Signed On 26 September 2016 Between The Government Of The Republic Of Colombia And The Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Colombia (farc)

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 27.09.2016

No: 236, 27 September 2016

We are pleased that the peace agreement putting an end to the 52 year-long conflict between the Government of the Republic of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, was signed yesterday (26 September) during a historical ceremony held in Cartagena. We congratulate the parties as well as all those who contributed to the process. The Turkish Ambassador in Bogota, Mr. Engin Yürür, attended the ceremony on behalf of our Government.

As stated in the previous press releases of the Ministry (143 and 200), Turkey will continue to contribute to the various aspects of the peace process in Colombia. We wish that the referendum, which is the next step in the process will also be successful in line with people’s will and that the peace agreement will be implemented with a view to bringing about a lasting peace.

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