Press Release Regarding The Airstrikes Targeting The Hass Village In Idlib, Syria

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 27.10.2016

No: 274, 27 October 2016

We strongly condemn the airstrikes carried out yesterday (October 26) targeting the residential area and a school in the village of Hass in Idlib, Syria, which claimed the lives of over twenty civilians, mostly students including children, and wounded over forty civilians. We wish God’s mercy upon those who lost their lives and a speedy recovery to those wounded as a result of this attack which constitutes yet another violation of international humanitarian law.

This attack stressed once again the urgent need to reinstate Cessation of Hostilities throughout the country. We call on the international community to intensify its efforts to that end, demonstrate that those responsible for such acts cannot evade responsibility and take the necessary steps to stop these systematic attacks on civilians.

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