No: 296, 20 September 2017, Press Release Regarding The Antalya Memorandum Endorsed At The Global Counter Terrorism Ministerial Meeting

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 20.09.2017

Meeting in New York today (September 20), the Foreign Ministers of Global Counter Terrorism Forum endorsed the Antalya Memorandum”, a guiding document consisting of new ways and measures on the protection of soft targets from terrorist attacks.

This document is the product of a year-long process, kicked-off in Antalya under the co-leadership of Turkey and the US, and elaborated through a number of workshops held in different countries.

Turkish National Police and the Gendarmarie contributed to the Memorandum by sharing their experiences and the good practices they developed to protect soft targets against terrorist attacks.

Turkey has long been exerting efforts to strengthen international cooperation in countering terrorism. We played a leading role in the foundation of the GCTF which has now become one of the main platforms in raising international awareness against the evolving threat of terrorism. We will continue to contribute to the GCTF.

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