No: 38, 8 February 2018, Press Release Regarding The Resolution Of The European Parliament Entitled “current Situation Of Human Rights In Turkey”

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 08.02.2018

The resolution adopted today (February 8) by the European Parliament on the "Current Situation of Human Rights in Turkey" is far from understanding the current conditions Turkey faces. Located in a region facing serious challenges in terms of security conditions, Turkey is fighting resolutely against terrorist organizations such as YPG/PYD, PKK, DEASH, FETÖ in order to maintain its presence as a factor of stability in this geography. The EP’s resolution is nothing but a patchwork of ungrounded claims compiled one after the other from various sources, just for the sake of criticism.

The resolution is yet another reflection of the twisted perspective that overlooks the fact that the terrorist coup attempt of FETÖ/PDY on 15 July 2016 in our country targeted, above all, our democratic and legitimate Government and our Constitutional system, that the terrorist coup plotters violated our citizens’ fundamental rights and freedoms -first and foremost the right to life- and that they attempted to establish an oppressive government, where no rights and freedoms would be present.

Adopting effective measures such as the State of Emergency, which is needed to fully eliminate the threats against the existence of our State and our nation’s right to democratic life, is the duty and an incontestable right of the Republic of Turkey. In fact, the State of Emergency is not a method adopted by our country alone; it has indeed been employed by some other EU Member States for national security reasons.

Measures taken as part of the State of Emergency are conducted within the laws and in conformity with our international obligations. These measures are continuously reviewed; our cooperation based on transparency with international organizations continues on these subjects.

None of the individuals mentioned in the resolution as “arrested journalists, MPs, human rights defenders” have been prosecuted due to practising their professions; investigations have been initiated by the independent judiciary because of indictments against them.

Operation Olive Branch is fully conducted in line with the international law and based on the right to self-defense as enshrined in Article 51 of the UN Charter, as well as the relevant UNSC Resolutions. From the outset, Turkey clearly expressed its legitimate security concerns, as well as the target, end-goal and principles of the operation. The operation targets the PKK’s branch in Syria, namely the PYD/YPG and the DAESH elements that are nested in the region. PKK is designated as a terrorist organization by the EU. All necessary precautions are taken to avoid collateral damage and any harm to civilians.

The criticism regarding the fight against terrorism conducted by Turkey in its region with great devotion demonstrates that some elements within the EP are incapable of comprehending the vital importance of this fight for Europe as well.

As an institution allowing the rags of the terror organisation to be hung in its own buildings, it is not surprising that such a resolution has been adopted by the European Parliament. This is also the clearest indicator of our country’s and the Turkish people’s rightfulness in no longer being able to take seriously the EP which has long lost its credibility. Therefore, this resolution is null and void for us.


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